Friday, August 14, 2009

In the beginning

It’s ironic that NFL Network would air the 1990 Super Bowl as the replay of the night. It was fitting considering they were airing the Denver Broncos-San Francisco 49ers pre-season matchup. That Super Bowl turns out to be the first sporting event that I can actually remember in my brief lifetime. Yes I am only 25 years old, born in 1983, so that fits the bill. My Pops threw a party for all of my mom and his friends. I vividly remember everybody bringing over something different, definitely a potluck sort of get together. I remember that, and the fact that the 49ers destroyed the Broncos, and the game was never even close. I distinctly remember hearing the announcer say “Montana to Rice, touchdown 49ers” I don’t know how many times. After that I was out back causing a ruckus and getting into who knows what kind of mischief. That was where it all started for me. Sports in general. The Suns and 49ers were my first two favorite teams because let’s face it. The Cardinals sucked, and back then they were hardly something that Phoenicians called their own. I guess I’ve been some sort of a bandwagon fan ever since. I’m very loyal to the local teams in Phoenix, but after that I just like watching winners. I would much rather watch Yankees-Red Sox than anybody else in baseball period. Matter of fact, they are all I will watch. Unless it’s the Diamondbacks playing a meaningful series, which at this point is simply a figment of my imagination. Back to the topic at hand though, the old school Super Bowl highlights were classic. Obviously it brings back some memories.

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