Friday, July 31, 2009

Manny + Ortiz= Ay Papi!

Surprise, surprise, somebody else used steroids. Even if confirmed test results can’t actually affect these self proclaimed “mountains,” one thing is certain. I agree with Ozzie Guillen. MLB needs to release the whole stinking list already. There is no sense in having certain attorney’s offices secretly leaking a few names every few months to create some buzz and ruffle a few feathers. Can we get on with it already. This much we do know. Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz were on steroids when the Red Sox came back and beat the Yankees in the ALCS in 2004, which ultimately ended the “Curse of the Bambino.” The very least you can say is that the teams really were evenly matched. We will match you an Andy Pettitte and A-Rod the juice-man, and raise you Manny and Big Papi. All is fair in love and war. There may seem to be no love lost between the Red Sox and Yankees, but at least we know they are evenly matched when it comes to the sauce. Anything you can do, I can do better. I can even take PED”s better than you!

Man I love being a Turtle

Now that Turtle has decided to go back to school, what are the chances he decides to keep both the Ferrari from Vince and the Porsche from Meadow Soprano. Jerry Ferrara’s girlfriend is even spoiling him on-screen as well. I can understand him wanting to step out on his own. Not only is he facing the pressure from the spotlight of his best friend, but also his girlfriend who only happened to star in the best television drama of all time. No man in his right mind can argue with the fact of Turtle caving in to the pressure. Do you think Turtle, or Jerry Ferrara for that matter planned on dating Jamie-Lynn Sigler EVER? Even in his wildest dreams? Let’s be real here.

And one last thing before I go. Please tell he how Curtis Jackson is going to hate on Turtle for driving the Ferrari his boy Vince gave him, as a birthday present no less, when everyone knows that all the fools in G-Unit have been riding 50’s “coat tails” since the inception. Get real if you even call that a cameo. The only thing tight was the whip he was pushin.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"President's policies are more popular than he is"

Interesting article on HuffPost by Bill Scher

Pundits keep saying that the president is more popular than his policies, undercutting his mandate to take bold action.

But on health care, the opposite is true.

Last week, I noted that one Washington Postreporter repeated the knee-jerk conventional wisdom, when in fact, his own paper's poll just showed majority support for the main provisions in pending health care legislation, while Obama's approval rating on health care was below 50%.

Today, two more polls show the public strongly supports Obama's actual health care policies, even though their support of Obama has declined.

From MSNBC's writeup of the NBC/WSJ poll (emphasis added):

Pluralities now say that the president's health care plan is a bad idea, and that it will result in the quality of their care getting worse. What's more, just four in 10 approve of his handling on the issue. The poll also finds that Obama's overall job-approval rating has dropped to 53 percent...

...[But] when read the specifics of his goals for health care -- like requiring insurers to cover those with pre-existing conditions, providing low-income families with subsidies to help them afford insurance, and raising taxes on the wealthy to pay for the subsidies -- 56 percent say they support Obama's plan. Only 38 percent oppose.

Now, the NBC/WSJ poll does show more tepid support for the most critical piece, the public plan option, with a plurality of 46%.

But that is out of step with every other poll ever taken gauging support for the public plan option,including today's NYT/CBS poll.

That poll shows Obama overall approval rating at 58%, and his handling of health care at 46%.

But when asked "would you favor or oppose the government offering everyone a government administered health insurance plan," a strong 66% support -- similar to what public plan option hasgarnered in most previous polls.

Yes, Obama's numbers have slipped. Perhaps that's a mix of swing voters buying the spin that "Obama's plan" (as opposed to the actual plan) won't tackle rising costs, and some liberal voters unhappy that Obama hasn't been a stronger advocate for the public plan. Perhaps it's just the mere fact that Obama hasn't handled the issue well enough to get something passed by now.

But whatever the reason is, it manifestly is not because the public has soured on the actual pillars of the bills that have advanced in the House and Senate.

So there is no reason for pundits to keep saying the president is more popular than his policies.

And there is no reason for skittish politicians to flinch from backing the public plan option based on these new polls.

If anything, it should motivate them to help the president make the case that his actual ideas are essential to expanding coverage and reducing the deficit.

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Just curious...

I’m just curious why the COPS can drive around with tinted windows, while talking on the cell phone and typing on their computers, all the while not wearing their seat belts and speeding?

Vikings drank the Kool-Aid

It’s a shame for the fan base of the Minnesota Vikings that Brad Childress and the front office were swept up in the madness that surrounds Brett Favre every off-season around this time. Everything had been put in place to make Favre as comfortable as possible in Minnesota only to inform the Vikes on the eve of training camp not to save a locker or #4 jersey for him. Brett said he didn’t feel his body would be able to hold up and allow him to perform at a level that was acceptable to him. Favre then proceeded to tell Peter King not to rule out what may happen come Nov. 1st, and that he would continue to work out and throw on a daily basis. Does Brett think that he is going to come back in October just in time to play Nov. 1st at Lambeau? Childress has 2 quarterbacks that neither fans nor teammates want in the huddle this season, and Lord knows what Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels are thinking these days anyway. The two of them had been planning on carrying clipboards all season.

Monday, July 27, 2009

"24" returns January 17th, 2010

Kiefer Sutherland said in an interview with Extra that season 8 of his hit FOX drama “24” will be the most realistic story line yet. Two new cast members, including Freddie Prinz Jr, will enjoy a day in the life of Jack Bauer in New York City no less. Yes a day in the life of Jack Bauer. Everybody knew he didn’t die, why else would they have brought Elisha Cuthbert back again. I love having EC on screen as much as possible, but as is the case with certain aspects of the show, her redundant role is played out. How many times can she be taken hostage in 10 years? Kim will undoubtedly have a big role in the beginning of season 8, and where the writers take her character from there should be interesting. As for Jack, Sutherland said it’s the first time that JB can actually smile and enjoy himself. Not sure if that’s a good sign of what’s to come. I’d rather see him screaming, swearing, and shooting. I guess I’m getting ahead of myself a tad. Everybody knows that “24” wouldn’t’ be “24” without Jack Bauer upping his on-screen kill count. That count currently sits at 223. Between season 8 and the movie that will undoubtedly follow, surely that total should surpass 250.

Michael Vick partially re-instated by NFL

Michael Vick was partially re-instated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell though he won’t be eligible to compete in the regular season until week 6. Vick is allowed to sign with any team that is willing to take a chance on him, as well as participate in training camp and pre-season activities.
I personally find it a bit much that Vick is still being punished further over this dog-fighting matter. Yes, I am a dog lover and can’t imagine treating animals the way that Vick and his co-horts did. On the other hand, Chris Brown beat the crap out of his girlfriend, with public knowledge, including an apology, and all he will see is probation. Michael Vick spent two years in prison and lost a fortune, as well as his reputation. Isn’t that punishment enough? Roger Goodell always contests that it is a privilege to play in the NFL, but who ever heard of being suspended from employment after serving time in prison. The man served his time, paid his dues, now let him earn a living and feed his family. With the way this country is today, it is a privilege for many just to have a job period!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Perk of the West

One perk I will call it, of living out West during football season is the time zone. I personally had never noticed it up until last year, having grown up in Arizona and attended college in New Mexico. However after spending last NFL season in Memphis, I realize what an advantage we have had on the Left Coast. No wonder so many people in the South go to church. Their first telecast of NFL action doesn’t start broadcasting until 1pm in the afternoon! Look how much of the day has passed by before finally being able to see some football. Most folks had been to church and eaten 2 meals by the time first kickoff rolls around. On the opposite side of the country, many people roll out of bed earlier than they might normally for a Sunday just to be sure and catch the 10am kickoff. Nothing beats the Cardinals playing an out east, and tuning in with sleepy stick in my eyes, and chocolate milk and waffles on my plate. The fact that before last year’s playoff run, the Cardinals virtually never won in the Eastern time zone made no difference, it’s the fact of the matter here. Not until I was forced to wait until noon or 1:00 pm every Sunday to see my first kickoff that I realized how great we have it. Yes, Los Angeles might not have an NFL team, but I’ve got a couch, television, and NFL League Pass, so my season tickets are valid in every city.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Beckham's toilet paper

David Beckham was fined $1k by the MLS for attempting to confront a fan in the stands during his first home game back with the LA Galaxy. The fact that I’m even writing anything about this is comical in itself, let alone the fact that a thousand bucks is to David Beckham what 5 cents is to the average Joe. Seriously, David Beckham wipes his butt with toilet paper that costs more than a thousand dollars. Do you think Beckham even knows he got fined? I doubt he sits around worrying about what ESPN has to say about him. Which member of his entourage handles the petty cash discrepancies? Just another example of why soccer in the United States is still a joke. It takes making a mockery of them to actually garner some publicity.

Are you really surprised?

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody if Michael Jackson’s information was leaked. Everything about his entire life has been in the middle of the press. Apparently there is a lot of concern over what happened at the coroner’s office, and how so much detailed graphic information regarding Jackson’s body, as well as the high number of employees who viewed his death certificate. He is still has been the hot topic of conversation every day since his passing. If it’s not this about his children and the custody situation with his mother, then it’s the investigation into his death, and what exactly happened with his personal doctor on that fateful day. The whereabouts of his burial location are still up in the air, and judging by the trending topics daily on Twitter, we will undoubtedly be talking about MJ for quite sometime. I can only imagine the offers that employees yielded for any information they could possibly divulge. I’m not saying that makes it right, but you shouldn’t be surprised. Any and everybody who can possibly take advantage of the death of Michael Jackson surely will if they haven’t already.

Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort

This ocean front resort located just south of Oceanside is a popular, family-friendly vacation destination in southern California. Located in northern San Diego County, Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort provides numerous activities for travelers and vacationers of all ages.

Carlsbad Village Drive offers numerous restaurants and boutique shops for those who enjoy walking. And with the average temperature in the mid-70’s, who doesn’t want to get outside and enjoy the elements.

The popular Pizza Port is always busy, as they brew all their own beer, along with their delicious pie. Coyote Bar & Grill is popular for their nightly karaoke showcase, but be prepared to arrive early or you often have trouble finding a seat. Oh, and word to the wise. The security as this establishment is a bunch of meatheads, so be forewarned. They do not appreciate promoting their fellow money-taking establishments, let’s just put it that way.

However the #1 spot to grub happens to be located directly across from the resort. The infamous Cessy’s, a favorite of many in my family and serves all the delicious Mexican food we love. If you go to Carlsbad, and you love Mexican food, then you’ll love Cessy’s.

Last but not least, top off everything with some dessert. Either Linda’s yogurt shop or Cold Stone Creamery, and being from Arizona, I’ll go with C.S.C. There you can have whatever you like.

Nike gives the LeBron tapes back

Why even return the tapes? Really, I mean after all is said and done, the public perception of LeBron James has been damaged no matter what. For Nike to say they now they will be returning the tapes to those which they had previously confiscated is ridiculous.

First off, the dunk was nothing. Bomani Jones had the best outlook on his show “The Three Hour Lunch Break.” LeBron was late on defense, simple and plain. What do people really expect during the middle of summer vacation. The man has been hooping non-stop year round for sometime, having just returned from vacation days before. Couple that with Jordan Crawford playing in this particular scrimmage as though he is Courtney Lee in the Conference Finals, adrenaline thru the ceiling, and sometimes you're gonna get caught. It happens every day in gyms around the world at high schools, colleges, fitness clubs, etc. This whole ordeal did nothing but give the likes of Skip Bayless and the LBJ hating army more ammunition to throw on the fire. Needless to say, we all get the feeling that King James will handle these situations slightly different in the future, hindsight being 20/20.

Cardinals season upon us

I decided today I’m going with DirecTV in order to insure the NFL Sunday Ticket package and NBA League Pass. It’s basically like living at home in Phoenix that way, with every Cardinals and Suns game being televised locally. Combine that with the Internet and Twitter and this season could be of epic proportions, with great opportunities. One thing is certain. Fantasy football will be unlike any other for myself this season.

Many Cardinals players appear primed and ready to make another run at the Super Bowl. Both Darnell Dockett and Karlos Dansby have publicly stated that their contract issues are not a problem, nor will they be a distraction this season. Not much has been heard of from Anquan Boldin but he is expected in camp. How soon the organization and Boldin can work out a new contract extension is still up in the air, as Rod Graves has stated other players still remain higher priorities.

Larry Fitzgerald had his last day of off-season workouts in Minnesota before heading out to Arizona to begin the season. Fitz was listed yesterday as the #4 best hands in NFL history, with the likes of Cris Carter, and Jerry Rice.

Winning the NFC West shouldn’t even be a goal for the Cardinals, it should just be the norm. As weak as the West is, they have an opportunity to put a strangle hold on the division title for a while. This season will go a long way in determining if the Cardinals were merely a fluke last postseason, or a perennial force to be reckoned with.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quote of the Day

"the best days in life will be the ones most missed"

Friday, July 17, 2009

Suns appear to be coming together

As published July 12th on Bright Side of the Sun:
With the moves made last week, and the extension with Steve Nash expected to be finalized this week, things are starting to take shape for next year's squad. Amar'e Stoudemire is recovering from a minor eye surgery to clean some things up and should be able to resume activities in a week or two. The interview with him in the Republic this morning did little to provide optimism for anything past the upcoming season. Amar'e said that the conversation between his agent and Steve Kerr went phenomenal although an extension was not even discussed so it's hard to imagine how great the talks actually went. Ric Bucher did post on Twitter that Amar'e to Golden State was "dead" so that is a positive sign, while rumors have been floating around of the Suns desire to remove STAT from the trade market altogether. As a Suns fan, my biased opinion would be for them to hold on to Amar'e and try and make one last run at the playoffs. However, the current team isn't built to compete with the top tier teams in the West. With that being said, the business side of me would let Amar'e enter the season with that chip on his shoulder that he always seems to harbor. That chip will only allow him to increase his trade value with All-Star caliber play in the Suns first half of 09-10. If the team is out of the mix come January, then blow it up again and call it a done deal. Re-building is obviously in the near future for the Suns one way or the other. The question is whether Sarver will give the them one more chance. By the looks of the past few days, it looks like he will, for the short-term.

Quote of the Day

"Google sucks!"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Return to "Mannywood"

“I’m Back-Part Two”

Those were the words from Manny Ramirez to the media before he makes first home appearance at Dodger Stadium since returning from his 50 game suspension for testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs. The “Mannywood” section of left field has returned and it appears all has long since been forgiven and forgotten.
Manny went on to say that he expects an ovation comparable at least to that which he received when he arrived via trade from Boston. “Or better” he quipped. He has been on a tear since his return, with 3 homers and 9 RBI. Couple that with the Dodgers played exceptionally well during his 50-game absence and you can almost ink the Dodgers in as National League Champs in October. Manny has always thrived under the bright spotlight and said that he loves all the attention. It gives him the motivation to play hard and play well. What Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire wouldn’t give to be in Manny’s shoes these days. The aforementioned have all been virtually outcast from baseball while Ramirez has the opportunity to win another World Series title, and possibly MVP, in the same season that he tested positive for PEDs. And to top that off, millions of fans around the world still wanted to see him play in the All-Star game. Such is the world we live in I suppose. Certain people, be it celebrities, athletes, musicians, etc. are placed on a platform where only one thing matters. The performance. As long as you bring it every night, the public turns a blind eye, even if it involves cheating to enhance that very performance. The culture of “don’t do as I do boy, do as I ask.”

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Six feet above

Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, Illinois is under investigation by the FBI after 4 workers were charged with exhumation of many human remains and then the re-selling or those burial plots. It apparently is the largest crime scene ever in the state of Illinois, with the cemetery's size of over 100 acres. The Feds believe that as many as 300 or more bodies may have been disturbed in this process, and the majority of the cemetery is closed while the investigation continues.
First off, having worked in the cemetery/funeral business, or death-care for those in the industry, it's deeply disturbing to even imagine a criminal act like such ever taking place. A running side "joke" throughout cemeteries is that when you run out of space, you'll just dig up the plots from pre-1899 and re-use them. It was just that. A joke. And everybody got a good laugh out of it. Never would anybody ever consider actually carrying out full disinterments for the sake of a couple extra grave spaces. These days however, nothing is immune, no matter how immoral or unethical it may be. Shoot, it's not like it's the first time either.
While working in Memphis I saw firsthand the effects of scandal in the cemetery business. Clayton Smart and his group of cohorts were responsible for the Forest Hill fraudulent scam and theft of pre-paid funeral plans. All it did for that city was completely turn residents away from the aspect of pre-planning their funeral & cemetery arrangements. It may sound crazy to most people but as much as it costs to live, it costs a hell of a lot to die. And for everybody who say "just do with me whatever, throw me out back in a sheet." It doesn't work like that. Their is a substantial savings to taking care of these guaranteed expenses ahead of time. But after this problem in Illinois, and previous in Memphis, who is going to trust the death-care industry? It's a shame that in this world we live, people will try to take advantage of anybody, anytime, even on the worst days of their lives.
You now have families with loved ones who may or may not have been displaced, and no idea where the remains may have been taken. That's a burden that no apologies, excuses, investigation, trial, or anything will ever be able to fix.

Don't hate Cassel

The Kansas City Star first reported that Matt Cassel has agreed to a long-term deal with the Chiefs to be their quarterback thru at least 2014. Cassel will reportedly earn in excess of $10 million per year, after having only one full season of playing experience. Not professional experience, but PLAYING experience. John Clayton stated “Cassel is believed to be the only quarterback in NFL history to start an NFL game without starting a game in college.” This didn’t just happen overnight. All the pieces just happened to fall right into place.

The New England Patriots took a chance on even drafting the QB out of USC who was the backup to both Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart. Again I repeat: "without starting a game in college."

Bernard Pollard decided to be the hero and take out Tom Brady for the entire ’08 season.

Cassel played admirably as a Brady’s fill-in, leading to a $14 million 1 year franchise tag. At the time, nobody expected the Patriots to start ’09 with two 8-figure quarterbacks.

Scott Pioli leaves NE for the same position with the Kansas City Chiefs. By the way, finding a quarterback was his first priority. He just happened to love Matt Cassel, and was able to lure Mike Vrabel and Cassel from NE for a 2nd round draft pick.

Now the Chiefs have a new head coach in former Arizona offensive coordinator Todd Haley. His work with helping the Cardinals and Kurt Warner to the Super Bowl should only benefit Cassel in KC. A lot of folks want to hate on Cassel but the guy was always in the right place at the right time. Like the classic saying goes: “don't hate the player, hate the game.” photo by Rich Sugg @ Kansas City Star

How I use Facebook

Facebook has not only been linking millions of people across the globe to the far reaches of their past, but also providing a social media outlet for the everyday person to broadcast themselves or their product. Along with Twitter, Facebook has become part of new information age of social media that has everybody buzzing.

I first started using FB in college to keep in contact with friends from high school as well as my new contacts I’d made post. It was amazing to see home many family members and relatives I came across, as well as friends I hadn’t seen in years. Definitely a great way to plan a high school reunion as opposed to tracking everybody through outdated phone books and cold calling.

Now I use FB not only for keeping in touch but also for marketing my product. With all of the different social media networks available online today, the opportunity to reach any and everybody really does exist. Most columns or blog posts online have a link system set up for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, Blogger, etc. These days you can communicate to the farthest reaches of civilization with the simple click of a button. For bloggers, you can get your thoughts on the screen, and linked across 8 different networks on the internet within 5 seconds. The opportunities are endless, so away this one goes. Those 5 seconds are up!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Entourage season 6 premiere

I have to admit I’d been anxiously awaiting this night for quite some time. The season-premiere of season 6 of Entourage, which is currently 3rd on my top 5 all time favorite television shows. Trailing only the Sopranos and the Wire, and just ahead of 24 and House.

If you really don’t know about Entourage by now, then you really need to ask somebody. Entourage has a cult like following with fans by the millions, while President Obama cites Entourage as his favorite show.

Though season 5 was far from exciting, the ending did leave fans excited for more.

Vincent Chase is back in the spotlight with his role in The Great Gatsby by Martin Scorsese. If there were ever an opportunity for VC to be mentioned with the top tier actors in Hollywood, then having the lead role in a Scorsese epic masterpiece would surely provide such an opportunity.

It’s crazy to think that VC would wait until his 30’s to get his license, but the storyline involving Enzo Ferrari is intriguing. It is rather strange to see VC hanging out by his lonesome. It wasn’t long ago that Turtle, Drama and E all needed Vince’s presence simply to get around Hollywood. The homeys appear to have come along somewhat.

It was nice to see Vince appear on Jay Leno, even though it dated the episode somewhat.

Eric’s ex Sloan definitely has a more featured role this year. It will be interesting to see how much she still influences his decisions. He seems to finally be branching away with his own personal career. Part of E wants to be on his own, but you can see the worry he has in leaving Vince to fend for himself on a daily basis. Even though he wants to leave he is still very hesitant.

The relationship between Ari & Lloyd already has begun to reach a breaking point. The Super Agent’s personal assistant is aspiring to become an agent himself. In turn, Ari gives Lloyd 100 days to prove himself. Should be interesting how that plays out.

Funny how it seems Turtle & Drama are still doing pretty much the same thing. Cool to see Jamie Lynn-Sigler still dating Turtle no matter how hard it actually is to believe. Can’t be a hater though, congrats are in order. Respect is given where it is due and Turtle made the “Meadow” thing happen on his own accord.

As for Drama, he’s still lounging around VC’s palatial pad, doing nothing.

Season 6 has been highly anticipated, and so far they didn’t disappoint.

On a lighter note, the season premiere was dedicated to Eileen Connelly, Kevin’s mom, who passed away in March.

Quote of the Day

"to do good is to be abundant--that is my tendency"
-Francis Ford Coppola

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lesnar pummels Mir @ UFC 100

In only his fifth professional MMA match, former WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar was able to avenge his only defeat by knocking out Frank Mir in the second round of Saturday night's much hyped UFC 100 from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Lesnar successfully defended his Heavyweight belt by obliterating Mir from the onset. While the night provided great drama with Dan Henderson and Brock Lesnar surprising all with impressive victories. Many expected Mir to submit Lesnar but the former wrestler controlled this battle from start to finish. Georges St. Pierre and Thiago Alves provided little by means of excitement as do much of GSP's fights lately. Joe Rogan even suggested he move up to 185 or fight next time with one arm tied behind his back.
However the highlight of the night was undoubtedly Lesnar's post match interview with Rogan. Lesnar apparently still has the WWE mentality show-man aspect who is obviously playing the heel for UFC. His classic quips regarding Coors Light, and his wife Sable made for great live television, albeit Pay-Per-View. Fans would be hard pressed to find their $45 spent more wisely on this night. Photo By Jon Kopaloff, Getty Images

Thursday, July 9, 2009

LeBron James goes into Witness Protection

What is the deal with this hoopla surrounding LeBron James and this tape that was supposedly confiscated from his basketball camp? Apparently a youngster named Jordan Crawford posterized King James and the footage was captured on video. Nike and LeBron's camp were having none of that, and ultimately had the evidence destroyed. God forbid somebody show up LeBron James. Jordan Crawford wasn't the first, as Courtney Lee beat him to that punch this past playoffs. It would appear this is just another episode of a pampered, spoiled James being too arrogant and full of his own self. Everybody remembers when he infamously left the court after losing to Orlando in the East Finals without shaking hands with a single Magic player, only to skip the post-game presser as well. Then this week, word had leaked from Trevor Ariza that LeBron told him he would be staying in Cleveland past 2010 in an effort to sway Ariza to rescind his prior commitment to the Houston Rockets. This was also feverishly denied by LeBron's camp once any such report later hit the media. A close friend of mine worked with the team tailor that Jerry Colangelo used for the Redeem Team the last 3 years so he spent significant amounts of time around all the members of that squad. He had nothing but glowing and ringing endorsements about every single player that made up that team, including Kobe Bryant. Every player except for LeBron James that is. Say it ain't so man, who would have thought? I'm sure not surprised.

Quote of the Day

“In the name of Jesus let us pray. Father we thank you for waking us up this morning. We thank you for surrounding us with your guardian angels as we slept. We thank you for waking our family, friends, and loved ones as well. Keeping us safe. We thank you for waking our enemies this day Father, for they are your children as we are.”

--Earl Simmons

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My thoughts on Steve McNair

The police in Nashville have officially ruled murder/suicide in the death of 36 year old former NFL co-MVP Steve McNair and his 2o year old girlfriend Sahel Kazemi, according to the Tennessean. Many suspicious questions still linger, including an apparent motive, although Ms. Kazemi apparently told a friend two days prior that her life was in shambles, and she "was going to end it all". She even went as far as following another female whom she suspected McNair of cheating on her with. She obviously had a few screws lose to begin with seeing as how Steve was married with 4 kids. After shooting McNair 4 times while he was asleep on the couch at his condo, Kazemi then proceeded to position herself next to McNair so that she would land in his lap after pulling the trigger. When the bodies were discovered though, Kazemi had slid to McNair's feet while he still sat upright on the couch. When McNair's friend, who rented the condo with him discovered the bodies Saturday afternoon, he apparently waited over an hour to call the police. Even with the ruling, some parts of this story just don't add up. My hope would be that the truth would eventually all come out, for the sake of the families involved.
Reports have also surfaced indicating that Mechelle McNair had no idea of her husband's alleged affair with the waitress from Dave & Buster's, and hadn't heard from her husband in over 48 hours prior to his death. This is just another example of tragedy that was so unnecessary. My thoughts and prayers go out to the McNair and Kazemi families during this time of grieving and emotional struggle.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Here is my secret. It is very simple: One sees well only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes."
-Brooke Shields

Monday, July 6, 2009

Quote of the Day

“Hustle caine, hustle clothes or hustle music. But hustle hard at any hustle that you pick.” -Jay Z

My perspective

Around the time that I took my first "professional" job in the death-care industry was also the time I realized the importance of appearance on a daily basis. In college you would be extremely lucky to catch me rocking anything other than a jersey, Dickies, and flip flops. Maybe tennis shoes and a t-shirt if it was cold, but far from attire considered office-worthy by any means. I had no desire to put on my Sunday best ever, much less everyday for work. That all changed once I realized the difference in public perception based solely on outward appearance. It's almost like a greater sense of entitlement is given to those that dress professionally for work, whether it be from the bank teller, restaurant hostess, or airport security. Everybody seems eager and willing to help, and always with a smile. Waits seem to be shorter, lines tend to disappear, while the benefits seem to increase. It's easy to understand why the Italian mafia places such a high priority on the way they present themselves publicly. Grey, black and blue: the three power suits. It's a matter of respect!

Friday, July 3, 2009

NBC-where old news happens

I’ve been trying to figure out why NBC insists on even airing a tape delayed broadcast of the Roddick/Murray semi-final match from Wimbledon. Any devoted fan of tennis surely has heard of ESPN and the Internet. Not only did various Twitter followers have updates, but the folks at ESPN had a live feed in Bristol. Jay Harris tweeted that Roddick had defeated Murray around 11:00 am this morning just as I was hopping out of bed. Only now am I sitting down at 3:15 pm PT to see that NBC has finally decided to air this match, fully aware that Roddick will face Roger Federer in the final. The Internet has already destroyed the newspaper and print industry. What is next? Soon we will see web sites buying the rights to sporting events and airing them live on-line. In this age of high-speed technology, nobody should have to wait 4 hours to watch something “Live”. However with a network that promotes “I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here” and “Superstars”, you have your answer to NBC’s ratings disaster. Top that off with the network already airing Tonight Show repeats when Conan has only been hosting for one month! Next time I’m interested in Wimbledon, or any news for that matter, I’ll just fire up my BlackBerry. Who needs a company broadcasting nationally in delay? photo by Getty Images

July 4th snaps

I'd like to wish everybody a safe and happy Independence Day weekend. We should always take a moment to remember all the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country so that we may celebrate times like this. For it is them who truly define the land of the free, and the home of the brave. For today's quote of the day, I will go the patriotic route.

"A thoughtful mind, when it sees a Nation's flag, sees not the flag only, but the Nation itself; and whatever may be its symbols, its insignia, he reads chiefly in the flag the Government, the principles, the truths, the history which belongs to the Nation that sets it forth."

---Henry Ward Beecher

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Alec Baldwin: 150 Years for Madoff?

I enjoyed this piece by Alec Baldwin @ HuffPost. Baldwin's reference to Frank Abagnale is spot on, for those of you who remember the Leo DiCaprio flick "Catch Me if You Can." For myself, the first person that came to mind was Frank Lucas. Although the movie "American Gangster" didn't quite live up to the billing, it's hard to ignore the fact of the matter. The method is definitely beneficial, and could possibly prevent another Ponzi scheme of this magnitude from ever happening again. The Feds ultimately will have to swallow their pride and make an effort to use Madoff for the greater good.

Quote of the Day

"Denial ain't just a river in Egypt"
-Mark Twain