Friday, July 24, 2009

Are you really surprised?

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody if Michael Jackson’s information was leaked. Everything about his entire life has been in the middle of the press. Apparently there is a lot of concern over what happened at the coroner’s office, and how so much detailed graphic information regarding Jackson’s body, as well as the high number of employees who viewed his death certificate. He is still has been the hot topic of conversation every day since his passing. If it’s not this about his children and the custody situation with his mother, then it’s the investigation into his death, and what exactly happened with his personal doctor on that fateful day. The whereabouts of his burial location are still up in the air, and judging by the trending topics daily on Twitter, we will undoubtedly be talking about MJ for quite sometime. I can only imagine the offers that employees yielded for any information they could possibly divulge. I’m not saying that makes it right, but you shouldn’t be surprised. Any and everybody who can possibly take advantage of the death of Michael Jackson surely will if they haven’t already.

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