Saturday, July 25, 2009

Perk of the West

One perk I will call it, of living out West during football season is the time zone. I personally had never noticed it up until last year, having grown up in Arizona and attended college in New Mexico. However after spending last NFL season in Memphis, I realize what an advantage we have had on the Left Coast. No wonder so many people in the South go to church. Their first telecast of NFL action doesn’t start broadcasting until 1pm in the afternoon! Look how much of the day has passed by before finally being able to see some football. Most folks had been to church and eaten 2 meals by the time first kickoff rolls around. On the opposite side of the country, many people roll out of bed earlier than they might normally for a Sunday just to be sure and catch the 10am kickoff. Nothing beats the Cardinals playing an out east, and tuning in with sleepy stick in my eyes, and chocolate milk and waffles on my plate. The fact that before last year’s playoff run, the Cardinals virtually never won in the Eastern time zone made no difference, it’s the fact of the matter here. Not until I was forced to wait until noon or 1:00 pm every Sunday to see my first kickoff that I realized how great we have it. Yes, Los Angeles might not have an NFL team, but I’ve got a couch, television, and NFL League Pass, so my season tickets are valid in every city.

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