Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How I use Facebook

Facebook has not only been linking millions of people across the globe to the far reaches of their past, but also providing a social media outlet for the everyday person to broadcast themselves or their product. Along with Twitter, Facebook has become part of new information age of social media that has everybody buzzing.

I first started using FB in college to keep in contact with friends from high school as well as my new contacts I’d made post. It was amazing to see home many family members and relatives I came across, as well as friends I hadn’t seen in years. Definitely a great way to plan a high school reunion as opposed to tracking everybody through outdated phone books and cold calling.

Now I use FB not only for keeping in touch but also for marketing my product. With all of the different social media networks available online today, the opportunity to reach any and everybody really does exist. Most columns or blog posts online have a link system set up for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, Blogger, etc. These days you can communicate to the farthest reaches of civilization with the simple click of a button. For bloggers, you can get your thoughts on the screen, and linked across 8 different networks on the internet within 5 seconds. The opportunities are endless, so away this one goes. Those 5 seconds are up!

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