Friday, July 3, 2009

NBC-where old news happens

I’ve been trying to figure out why NBC insists on even airing a tape delayed broadcast of the Roddick/Murray semi-final match from Wimbledon. Any devoted fan of tennis surely has heard of ESPN and the Internet. Not only did various Twitter followers have updates, but the folks at ESPN had a live feed in Bristol. Jay Harris tweeted that Roddick had defeated Murray around 11:00 am this morning just as I was hopping out of bed. Only now am I sitting down at 3:15 pm PT to see that NBC has finally decided to air this match, fully aware that Roddick will face Roger Federer in the final. The Internet has already destroyed the newspaper and print industry. What is next? Soon we will see web sites buying the rights to sporting events and airing them live on-line. In this age of high-speed technology, nobody should have to wait 4 hours to watch something “Live”. However with a network that promotes “I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here” and “Superstars”, you have your answer to NBC’s ratings disaster. Top that off with the network already airing Tonight Show repeats when Conan has only been hosting for one month! Next time I’m interested in Wimbledon, or any news for that matter, I’ll just fire up my BlackBerry. Who needs a company broadcasting nationally in delay? photo by Getty Images

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