Friday, July 17, 2009

Suns appear to be coming together

As published July 12th on Bright Side of the Sun:
With the moves made last week, and the extension with Steve Nash expected to be finalized this week, things are starting to take shape for next year's squad. Amar'e Stoudemire is recovering from a minor eye surgery to clean some things up and should be able to resume activities in a week or two. The interview with him in the Republic this morning did little to provide optimism for anything past the upcoming season. Amar'e said that the conversation between his agent and Steve Kerr went phenomenal although an extension was not even discussed so it's hard to imagine how great the talks actually went. Ric Bucher did post on Twitter that Amar'e to Golden State was "dead" so that is a positive sign, while rumors have been floating around of the Suns desire to remove STAT from the trade market altogether. As a Suns fan, my biased opinion would be for them to hold on to Amar'e and try and make one last run at the playoffs. However, the current team isn't built to compete with the top tier teams in the West. With that being said, the business side of me would let Amar'e enter the season with that chip on his shoulder that he always seems to harbor. That chip will only allow him to increase his trade value with All-Star caliber play in the Suns first half of 09-10. If the team is out of the mix come January, then blow it up again and call it a done deal. Re-building is obviously in the near future for the Suns one way or the other. The question is whether Sarver will give the them one more chance. By the looks of the past few days, it looks like he will, for the short-term.

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