Friday, July 31, 2009

Man I love being a Turtle

Now that Turtle has decided to go back to school, what are the chances he decides to keep both the Ferrari from Vince and the Porsche from Meadow Soprano. Jerry Ferrara’s girlfriend is even spoiling him on-screen as well. I can understand him wanting to step out on his own. Not only is he facing the pressure from the spotlight of his best friend, but also his girlfriend who only happened to star in the best television drama of all time. No man in his right mind can argue with the fact of Turtle caving in to the pressure. Do you think Turtle, or Jerry Ferrara for that matter planned on dating Jamie-Lynn Sigler EVER? Even in his wildest dreams? Let’s be real here.

And one last thing before I go. Please tell he how Curtis Jackson is going to hate on Turtle for driving the Ferrari his boy Vince gave him, as a birthday present no less, when everyone knows that all the fools in G-Unit have been riding 50’s “coat tails” since the inception. Get real if you even call that a cameo. The only thing tight was the whip he was pushin.

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