Monday, July 27, 2009

Michael Vick partially re-instated by NFL

Michael Vick was partially re-instated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell though he won’t be eligible to compete in the regular season until week 6. Vick is allowed to sign with any team that is willing to take a chance on him, as well as participate in training camp and pre-season activities.
I personally find it a bit much that Vick is still being punished further over this dog-fighting matter. Yes, I am a dog lover and can’t imagine treating animals the way that Vick and his co-horts did. On the other hand, Chris Brown beat the crap out of his girlfriend, with public knowledge, including an apology, and all he will see is probation. Michael Vick spent two years in prison and lost a fortune, as well as his reputation. Isn’t that punishment enough? Roger Goodell always contests that it is a privilege to play in the NFL, but who ever heard of being suspended from employment after serving time in prison. The man served his time, paid his dues, now let him earn a living and feed his family. With the way this country is today, it is a privilege for many just to have a job period!

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