Thursday, July 9, 2009

LeBron James goes into Witness Protection

What is the deal with this hoopla surrounding LeBron James and this tape that was supposedly confiscated from his basketball camp? Apparently a youngster named Jordan Crawford posterized King James and the footage was captured on video. Nike and LeBron's camp were having none of that, and ultimately had the evidence destroyed. God forbid somebody show up LeBron James. Jordan Crawford wasn't the first, as Courtney Lee beat him to that punch this past playoffs. It would appear this is just another episode of a pampered, spoiled James being too arrogant and full of his own self. Everybody remembers when he infamously left the court after losing to Orlando in the East Finals without shaking hands with a single Magic player, only to skip the post-game presser as well. Then this week, word had leaked from Trevor Ariza that LeBron told him he would be staying in Cleveland past 2010 in an effort to sway Ariza to rescind his prior commitment to the Houston Rockets. This was also feverishly denied by LeBron's camp once any such report later hit the media. A close friend of mine worked with the team tailor that Jerry Colangelo used for the Redeem Team the last 3 years so he spent significant amounts of time around all the members of that squad. He had nothing but glowing and ringing endorsements about every single player that made up that team, including Kobe Bryant. Every player except for LeBron James that is. Say it ain't so man, who would have thought? I'm sure not surprised.

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