Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My thoughts on Steve McNair

The police in Nashville have officially ruled murder/suicide in the death of 36 year old former NFL co-MVP Steve McNair and his 2o year old girlfriend Sahel Kazemi, according to the Tennessean. Many suspicious questions still linger, including an apparent motive, although Ms. Kazemi apparently told a friend two days prior that her life was in shambles, and she "was going to end it all". She even went as far as following another female whom she suspected McNair of cheating on her with. She obviously had a few screws lose to begin with seeing as how Steve was married with 4 kids. After shooting McNair 4 times while he was asleep on the couch at his condo, Kazemi then proceeded to position herself next to McNair so that she would land in his lap after pulling the trigger. When the bodies were discovered though, Kazemi had slid to McNair's feet while he still sat upright on the couch. When McNair's friend, who rented the condo with him discovered the bodies Saturday afternoon, he apparently waited over an hour to call the police. Even with the ruling, some parts of this story just don't add up. My hope would be that the truth would eventually all come out, for the sake of the families involved.
Reports have also surfaced indicating that Mechelle McNair had no idea of her husband's alleged affair with the waitress from Dave & Buster's, and hadn't heard from her husband in over 48 hours prior to his death. This is just another example of tragedy that was so unnecessary. My thoughts and prayers go out to the McNair and Kazemi families during this time of grieving and emotional struggle.

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