Monday, July 13, 2009

Entourage season 6 premiere

I have to admit I’d been anxiously awaiting this night for quite some time. The season-premiere of season 6 of Entourage, which is currently 3rd on my top 5 all time favorite television shows. Trailing only the Sopranos and the Wire, and just ahead of 24 and House.

If you really don’t know about Entourage by now, then you really need to ask somebody. Entourage has a cult like following with fans by the millions, while President Obama cites Entourage as his favorite show.

Though season 5 was far from exciting, the ending did leave fans excited for more.

Vincent Chase is back in the spotlight with his role in The Great Gatsby by Martin Scorsese. If there were ever an opportunity for VC to be mentioned with the top tier actors in Hollywood, then having the lead role in a Scorsese epic masterpiece would surely provide such an opportunity.

It’s crazy to think that VC would wait until his 30’s to get his license, but the storyline involving Enzo Ferrari is intriguing. It is rather strange to see VC hanging out by his lonesome. It wasn’t long ago that Turtle, Drama and E all needed Vince’s presence simply to get around Hollywood. The homeys appear to have come along somewhat.

It was nice to see Vince appear on Jay Leno, even though it dated the episode somewhat.

Eric’s ex Sloan definitely has a more featured role this year. It will be interesting to see how much she still influences his decisions. He seems to finally be branching away with his own personal career. Part of E wants to be on his own, but you can see the worry he has in leaving Vince to fend for himself on a daily basis. Even though he wants to leave he is still very hesitant.

The relationship between Ari & Lloyd already has begun to reach a breaking point. The Super Agent’s personal assistant is aspiring to become an agent himself. In turn, Ari gives Lloyd 100 days to prove himself. Should be interesting how that plays out.

Funny how it seems Turtle & Drama are still doing pretty much the same thing. Cool to see Jamie Lynn-Sigler still dating Turtle no matter how hard it actually is to believe. Can’t be a hater though, congrats are in order. Respect is given where it is due and Turtle made the “Meadow” thing happen on his own accord.

As for Drama, he’s still lounging around VC’s palatial pad, doing nothing.

Season 6 has been highly anticipated, and so far they didn’t disappoint.

On a lighter note, the season premiere was dedicated to Eileen Connelly, Kevin’s mom, who passed away in March.

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