Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Bold" step in the right direction

I was pleasantly surprised, but happy nonetheless to see that Anquan Boldin has decided to part ways with Drew Rosenhaus. My initial reaction was “Thank God,” Q isn’t going anywhere, and now Rod Graves may be able to professionally negotiate a new extension. I’m sure the fans in Phoenix will instantly forgive and forget if it proves true that Super Agent Rosenhaus was indeed the culprit who contrived to elicit Q’s recent behavior. Makes you wonder if he simply got tired of being lumped in with the T.O.’s and Plaxico’s of this generation, or the persona that he is showcasing is not a true representation of one’s self. After all, that is the duty of an agent. Accurate and fair representation so that your client is compensated according to the industries standards for which they are employed. His decision to skip mini-camp with a supposed hamstring injury was nothing more than a badly thought out power maneuver aimed at trying to gain Q leverage, and ultimately force a trade. The problem is the organization has all the leverage, with Q deciding to take the majority of his money up front with his last contract extension. When it is all said and done, he is still under contract for two more years. By the way, The Arizona Republic reported yesterday that Boldin was seen at a local Phoenix fitness center not only participating in pick-up games but also actually throwing it down on some folks. I guess that leaves us no choice but to ultimately blame Drew Rosenhaus for Q’s behavior, at least that is what Q would like for us Cardinals fans to believe.

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