Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Killer Instinct & the LeBron's Pt. 1

The more I’m playing around with the idea of this new bog; the more and more I’m drawn into the world of the Internet and the vast and endless possibilities. I’ve discovered the many different widgets and gadgets to use with my new column, and it’s almost overwhelming. I will continue to explore the vast reaches of the farthest realms still unbeknownst to my personal computer literacy level. I have already received one sound bit of advice from my first loyal reader, and I will apply it accordingly. In the meantime, Orlando is really doing a number on Cleveland. It will be hard for even the King himself to climb out of a 3-1 hole. I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but the numbers do not lie. Only 8 teams have ever come back from a 3-1 series deficit in NBA history, with one of course being the Suns ’06 comeback against the Lakers sans Amare. I’m a little skeptical of Cleveland and how much experience they actually have. Yes, they did make it to the Finals in ’07, but Boobie Gibson, Big Z, Pavlovic, Varejao, and LeBron are the hold-over’s. And the San Antonio Sterns did mop them up 4-0; “shout out to Doug Franz at Sports 620 KTAR for that moniker by the way.” And my gut feeling, the way this year has went throughout the sports world, with the Cardinals making the Super Bowl and all. I wouldn’t be utterly dumbfounded if Orlando does make it to the Finals. In fact, with the pure disdain I have for David Stern, I would love to see a Denver/Orlando matchup in the 2009 NBA Finals. Marketing nightmare for the league, but a nice poke in the belly for DS nonetheless. But back to the Cavs, other than LeBron, they just lack the killer instinct, and if they don’t survive game 4, it could be the end for King James and his Royal Cavaliers! As I type this LeBron just sank the second of two free throws to give Cleveland the lead 98-97 with :21 seconds left.


Graebs said...


I to agree that this very well could be the end of King James. I think since Lebron's inception into the NBA, he has and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with. Is Lebron comparable to Jordan? Also, with me being from Arizona, What are your thoughts on the Diamondbacks this year...Series Bound or Series Busters?

Brian Keith said...

Series Busters it appears. Firing Bob Melvin did not go over big with me. Here you have a guy who just won Manager of the Year in '07 with a bunch of over-achieving, mid-level talent, and some good pitching. Fast forward to present, you still have the same mid-level talent, minus Orlando Hudson, Adam Dunn, Carlos Quentin, Randy Johnson, etc. Factor in that same mid-level talent is under-achieving now, and Brandon Webb's been on the DL all season. I will always say this, the players play, managers manage! Bob Melvin wasn't striking out, or blowing leads from the bullpen. Anybody ever heard of due process? Once Webb returns they may be able to salvage a decent showing, but there is no catching the Dodgers this year. Even without Manny, they are playing great and I see them first hand every night.