Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dog days of summer

The worst part of the year for sports fans everywhere is always the end of June thru July as we await the opening of NFL training camps across the country. Having just concluded the NBA Finals & Stanley Cup Finals within days of one another, broadcasters and sportscasters alike often complain of the lack of newsworthy material on a daily basis. Yes we are in the middle of baseball season, but as my old high school coach used to say “ol’ stand-ball ain’t too exciting in June.” They play an absurd 162 regular season games, often stretching into two different basketball seasons. Shoot, the D-Backs just played two games in one last week, and all they did was TIE a franchise record for longest game played. Note: check out some interesting, yet useless info from ESPN baseball writer Jayson Stark regarding that game against the Padres. If I didn’t watch a single baseball game all summer, but picked it up again around my birthday, I’d see all I needed and then some, almost assuredly with AZ further from the playoff race than we currently are. After a fairly exciting NBA playoffs (all things considered-Suns) there is that void to fill every night without basketball. The Cardinals open training camp on July 31. If the Redbirds can get Karlos Dansby re-signed, and resolve the Anquan Boldin saqa before training camp, then our chances of winning the NFC West again should be fairly high. Until then though we must resort to all stand-ball, all the time. Wake me up when it’s time for Bradley’s fantasy draft, and not a moment sooner. Unless of course Steve Kerr is fired or Robert Sarver is made an offer he can't refuse between now and then.

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