Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guest P.O.V.-Brad Wharton

I’m watching my 8 month old son sit contently at the back patio’s sliding glass door, staring off into the yard watching the birds pick at my grass. Occasionally he opens his mouth wide open and up to the window in an attempt to eat the glass, just like he eats everything in sight. Life is simple for my little man.

After watching the innocence of my son, I reflect on my own youth and the adventures as a kid and journeys that transformed me into the Man I am today. Do you ever take a minute and think about your past? Dive deep into your memory bank and remember those early memories. Why do you remember them? What did you learn from that moment?

My earliest memory of a life lesson came when I was in kindergarten. I was the student of the month and it was customary to bring in a snack and beverage for all the students. Unfortunately we were one Capri Sun short for the class. My mom taught me that day to make sure everyone had a snack before I fed myself. It was my first memory of putting others before me.

I’ve often wondered if that lesson may have in some ways kept me from excelling in certain aspects of life. I can recall high school football practices where I would let my teammates jump in and get the extra reps. As a result missing those extra reps didn’t make me any better of a football player. On another hand, I know that unselfish acts have gained respect among my junior Marines, for instance when they see me pass out MRE’s (meal ready to eat) during chow to make sure they get fed first.

If I had to choose the values my parent’s have instilled in me, I’m glad they taught me that lesson. I believe it has made me a better man.

I think I just might intentionally come up one snack short for my sons some day just so they may learn a valuable life lesson.

My name is Brad. I am a Husband to a gorgeous wife, a Father to a beautiful boy, and a patriot to this great nation.


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Brian Keith said...

I appreciate you stopping by and droppin a line bro. Really some good stuff, you should really think about getting your word out more often. anytime just let me know. #2