Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Hangover review

The very first time that I saw a preview for The Hangover, I figured I would never see it. Probably be nothing more than an overhyped cliché’ of sin city. But after it’s great opening weekend, and consecutive weeks atop box office charts, I figured I would check it out. Any movie that is deemed to be that hilarious or laugh out loud funny is definitely worth my 2 hours of time. I then enter the movie with a pre-conceived expectation of how funny it should be. For the most part, I’m usually disappointed. i.e. I Love You Man. As MTV's Kurt Loder stated though “it’s boisterous fun has strong libidinous overtones, it never takes the plunge into full, frothing raunch.” You can see why this movie would be a hit with the 40+ crowd. Other than your occasionally swear word or 5, and the brief bouts with nudity, it was pretty tame for an R-rated picture based in Vegas after all. I enjoyed the direction that Todd Phillips went with this movie. Instead of a 2-hour non-stop frat party, you see the aftermath of their actions, and what they must do to correct it. This does leave you anxiously hanging on until the very end, only to have the truth exposed while the credits rolled. Props again to Phillips on this 2 out change-up.

Mike Tyson’s cameo appearance was strange given the audience is supposed to believe that someone would be crazy enough to actually steal his tiger, from his home in a stolen cop car nonetheless. “What happens in Vegas” bachelor party tales aren’t made for Hollywood cameras, that’s rule nombre uno. However from my point of view, the gamble paid off. The proof is in the box office pudding. photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

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