Friday, June 19, 2009

Heartbreak Hotel

It’s one thing to make an occasional family vacation based around a visit to the Heartbreak Hotel, but if you’re a fan of any college or professional sports team in the state of Arizona, then you’re probably sick of staying at HH as though it was a Motel 6 priced extended stay offering free continental breakfast for the first 2 weeks.

After reading about just how well the Sun Devils had been playing in this year’s CWS, I decided tonight would be just as good as any to take in the action. The fact that I didn’t tune in until the 6th inning is neither here nor there, because unfortunately I saw enough of Pat Murphy’s club for a while. The battle with the #1 ranked Texas Longhorns was knotted at 2 until the top of the 9th. The Devils were able to punch one run across, taking the lead 3-2, heading to the last half. Good time to point something out.

-I was wearing a black t-shirt, and a black Transactions hat, showing no allegiance toward any team whatsoever. You will understand why when you adhere to my gut feeling-

UT comes to bat in the bottom of the ninth and proceeds to hit two solo home runs off of Mitchell Lambson, to rip of the heart of the Devils, and every fan across the state of Arizona who was undoubtedly rooting for the maroon & gold. Alright maybe not every fan in AZ, but at least every fan from “House Big” on north up the I-10. The victory propelled Texas to the final round matchup against LSU.

Even the 7 other people sitting at this particular sports bar couldn’t believe how the game ended. All pledged their sympathy toward Arizona State’s fans as well as players for the pain they must have felt. All the while I’m sitting there thinking, and this is the God’s honest truth. During the commercial break before the bottom of the ninth, I thought to myself: Arizona State is going to lose this game in the bottom of the ninth in a gut-wrenching, back breaking, dramatic sort of way that will almost make you want to cry. You know, sort of like the Super Bowl. Yes, I did it, I brought it up again. The loss to the Steelers ranked up there with: both Suns losses in the Finals to 1stJohn & 2ndJohn, Joe Germaine-David Boston simple out, and every postseason in the Steve Nash era. It was then I realized how happy I was that I didn’t wear my ASU hat or shirt, thus saving myself any negative outpouring of emotion from the regulars at the bar.

Another deflating loss ultimately led me to another noble idea. From now on I’m going to start sending out a tweet when I get that strange hunch that something dramatic is about to take place that will greatly affect not only the outcome of that particular sporting event, but the mental state of ¾ of the population of that particular territory. I worry for the residents of the ‘Zona, including myself whose technically a transplant from P-Town, though I live out of state. I don’t know how many more all expense paid nightmare vacations we can take for Elvis’ sake.

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