Monday, June 1, 2009

Not so Happy Medium

I understand that I really have no basis for my complaint, considering I didn’t start watching this series until tonight’s season finale, but I had heard some good reviews about “Medium,” including that of Meredith O'Brien, whose blog I'm a big fan of. If your able to last five seasons on the air especially in these days of reality television, then you're doing something right. Couple that with the fact that the fictional series is based in Phoenix and it’s shocking that it took me this long to catch an episode. I’ve always loved movies that are set in Arizona just for the chance to compare the on-screen authenticity of that city to my actual hometown. Two thumbs up by the way, as the Phoenix police car in the beginning of the show was a spot-on match. I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed this first episode of Medium. And then, as if a scene of deja vu, I felt transported straight back to Monday, March 18th. My absolute favorite show on television since The Sopranos, (24) decided to end their best season since Nina Myers was killed, with Jack Bauer in somewhat of a terminal coma. Cliffhanger endings with unresolved issues that leave us die-hard fans anxiously awaiting next January and season 8. Ironically, NBC decided to take a page from FOX that had me literally laughing out loud. Unbelievably “Medium” ended it’s 5th season with Patricia Arquette laid up in a hospital bed, comatose, minus Elisha Cuthbert, as the dreadful credits started rolling.


Season 6 of Medium will air next fall on CBS.

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Anonymous said...

I have been a long time Medium fan and was dissapointed that NBC won't be renewing them next season. Hooray for CBS! Could possibly be an upgrade for the show since CBS has better prime-time ratings anyway. should be interesting to see